Entrance Ceremony for the Class of 2024 Held

On April 1, the 2024 entrance ceremony was held at the Tokyo International Forum. As last year, the ceremony was held in two sessions, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. This year, 2,846 undergraduate students, 603 graduate students, and 9 midwifery students were enrolled.

The ceremony began with music by the Sophia Philharmonic Orchestra, followed by a blessing by Father Sungil Lee, S.J. (morning session) and Father Firmansyah Antonius, S.J. (afternoon session) of the Catholic Jesuit Center, who read a passage from the Bible “The Gospel according to Matthew” and the Sophia Choir and Sophia Glee Club performed the chorus.

President Yoshiaki Terumichi

In his address, President Yoshiaki Terumichi expressed that, “Sophia University’s educational philosophy of “For Others, With Others” is the spiritual foundation that we unwaveringly pursue and respect, even in our ever-changing society. As you continue to learn and grow as individuals, or as you assume roles in society, I hope that you will always remain keenly aware of this spirit. I would like to wish you all the best in the learning environment offered at Sophia University and in your personal growth as Sophians who will walk with Others who are placed in a vulnerable position.”

In the address by Freshman Representative Ms. Sayuri Akiyama (Master’s Program in History / Morning Session) said, “I am committed to diligently deepening my knowledge so that I can become a person capable of discerning matters from multiple perspectives.” Ms. Koharu Minamida (Department of International Legal Studies / Afternoon Session) expressed “I want to create an opportunity for us to deepen our understanding with our peers, share our learning, and collaborate, while also striving to support and be supported by others.”

New student representative's speech (morning session)
New student representative's speech (afternoon session)
Chancellor Sali Augustine, S.J.

Chancellor Sali Augustine, S.J. then expressed, “I would like to introduce one keyword or spirit cherished by Ignatius and Xavier to all of you who seek higher education at Sophia, so that you can become a part of building a better world. It’s a Latin word called Magis. Magis means “better” in English and “yoriyoi” in Japanese. That means we strive to be better, in learning, and in action and in all our endeavors. To all of you who will be studying in the Sophia University environment, let’s aim to become better people and a better society, both as individuals and as a community, with the spirit of Magis.”

Following Mr. Satoshi Morimoto, Chairperson of the Sophia University Parents’ Association, then extended his words of encouragement to the new students, “The university is not merely a place for learning immediately applicable knowledge. At Sophia University, the educational programs and the relationships formed during university life serve to enhance the foundation of each student’s wisdom. It is our fervent hope that the wisdom cultivated at Sophia University will be utilized in contexts of ‘For Others, With Others.’ .” And then, the Sophia Philharmonic Orchestra performed, and the Sophia Amadeus Choir, Sophia University Choir, and Sophia Glee Club sang alma mater to close the ceremony.

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