Announcement of Sophia University workplace vaccination


September 8, 2021
The deadline for making an appointment for vaccination were added (II 1).

August 26, 2021

Vaccination foreign object contamination (not applicable to Sophia university)

Today, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced that the vaccine used at our university for the first round of vaccinations (August 23 – 30) was not subject to the contamination by foreign substances in the Moderna vaccine.

For those of you who have received the first round of vaccinations, we will be sending out a separate email with parallel information, including if you have already been vaccinated.
※Only lot number 3005239 is used at this vaccination site.

Regardless of this news report, we will continue to check for the presence of foreign substances during vaccinations, and ask for your understanding and cooperation.
For further information, please refer to the attached Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited notice (107.73 KB)(Only Japanese is confirmed at this stage.).

Secretariat for workplace vaccination
Office of General Affairs, Bureau of General Affairs, Sophia School Corporation
TEL: 03-3238-4655 (Office hours: 8:45-11:30, 12:30-17:30 on weekdays)


August 19, 2021

Information regarding the second vaccination appointment were added.

Sophia University is now prepared to offer workplace vaccination for COVID-19. We hope that by offering students, faculty and staff members, and others concerned the opportunity to be vaccinated, everyone will able to come to campus with stronger reassurance from the Autumn Semester and we can contribute to containing the pandemic.

However, please note that vaccination is voluntary. Please decide whether or not to receive the vaccine based on accurate information on vaccination. Students under the age of twenty, in particular, should consult with their parents.

Whether or not a student is vaccinated will not put him/her at a disadvantage in terms of research and education activities, grades and course registration, use of facilities, and other aspects of student life.

*Novel Coronavirus (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

Ⅰ. Overview

1. Type of vaccine

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine intramuscular injection (manufactured by Takeda/Moderna)
Interval of doses: Four weeks after the first dose (total two doses)
※ Details of the COVID-19 vaccine can be found here
Instructions for the COVID-19 vaccination(477.45 KB)

2. Eligible persons

The following persons are eligible for vaccination:

(1) Those who are capable of receiving two doses at Sophia University’s workplace vaccination; and

(2) Those to whom one of the following applies:

  • Students of Sophia University, Sophia University Junior College Division, and Sophia School of Social Welfare (including non-degree students and students who will graduate in September 2021 in any school)
  • Faculty and staff members of Sophia School Corporation (including part-time members)
  • Subcontractors on Yotsuya Campus, Mejiro Seibo Campus and Hadano Campus
  • Employees of tenants on Yotsuya Campus

※ Vaccines can be received without a vaccination coupon distributed by local governments, but submission will be required at a later date.

3. Period of vaccination

First dose: Monday, August 23~ Monday, August 30, 2021 (excluding Saturdays and Sundays)

Second dose: Monday, September, 20~ Monday, September 27 (excluding Saturdays and Sundays, but held on 20th and 23rd national holidays)

4. Venue

Yotsuya Campus Bldg. No. 2, 17F

5. Administering medical institution

Ⅱ. Booking your vaccination

1. Booking period (first day of booking)
  1. Students, faculty and staff of Sophia University with pre-existing conditions: Friday, 13th August 09:00〜
  2. Those described in Ⅰ2., excluding (1): Friday, 13th August 13:00〜
  3. Local partners designated by Sophia School Corporation: Thursday, 19th August 09:00〜

※ Bookings may be made up to two days prior to the vaccination date. Please refrain from accessing the booking system before the booking period allocated to the category which applies to you.

[Update] September 8, 2021
※ Since the first round of vaccinations has already been completed, we are not accepting new appointments for vaccinations.
If you want to change your appointment date or time, please contact the office listed in V. (Cancellations can be made through My Page.)

2. How to make a booking

Please make your booking from the link here.
For more information on how to make a booking, please check here.(1.21 MB)

※ Please do not share this link with those who are not eligible for workplace vaccination at Sophia University. You can also register the information required for making a reservation (your name, date of birth, e-mail address, etc.) prior to the date described above 1. but you will not be able to make an actual reservation until after 9:00 a.m. on Friday, August 13.

※If the number of vaccines supplied by the government is less than the number of applications, we may stop accepting reservations. In this case, please check Loyola and Sofia Bulletin Board for further information.

3. Instructions for booking
  1. Please make your booking for both the first and second doses at the same time.
    [Update August 19, 2021]
    Please make an appointment for the same day four weeks later. If this is not possible, please make an appointment for a convenient day and time within the second vaccination period, including a day earlier than 4 weeks.
    If you wish to make an appointment for a day earlier than 4 weeks, please refer to p12-p13 of
    “For more information on how to make a booking”.(1.21 MB)
  2. You may only make one booking for each dose. Multiple bookings may not be made.
    (All of your bookings may be cancelled in the event multiple bookings are found.)
  3. If your desired slot is fully booked, you can add your name on the waiting list.
    Please read the instructions for waitlist request (120.57 KB)and make your submission via the following link:

    waitlist request form

    * The time slot of your second choice may be booked on the booking system on a date after the waitlist date.

    e.g.) If your first choice is at 10:00 on August 23 but the slot is fully booked, you should submit a waitlist request for August 23 AM and book your second choice on August 25 at 11:00 (on a date after your first choice). If a slot on the waitlist date (first choice) becomes available, you may receive the vaccine on that date, and if not, on the time and date (second choice) booked on the booking system.
  4. Please make sure that you have not made double booking with your local government.
    If you already have a booking with your local government but wish to receive vaccination at Sophia University, please be sure to cancel your booking with your local government.
  5. If you are unable to make the date and time of your appointment, please be sure to cancel it in advance. In this case, please be sure to cancel both the first and second appointments.

Ⅲ. Day of vaccination

[You need to pay special attention to the following points]
  • Please refer to the following information “What you need to bring” and don’t forget anything. If you forget, you may not be able to receive the vaccination even if you have an appointment.
  • Please take your temperature at home in the morning of the day of the vaccination and write it on the preliminary examination form. If your temperature is over 37.5℃, you cannot be vaccinated. Your temperature will also be checked at the entrance of the vaccination site.
1. What you need to bring
  1. Identity verification documents
    Students, faculty and staff: Student/faculty/staff ID card.
    Others: driver’s license, health insurance card, passport, etc.
    ※ Please do not forget to bring your identity verification documentsas you will not be able to receive vaccination without them.
    ※Please carry your health insurance card just in case you need medical treatment.
  2. Booking confirmation email (It can be shown on a mobile device.)
  3. Prevaccination Screening Questionnaire
    ※ Please use Prevaccination Screening Questionnaire provided by Sophia University(357.17 KB) which contains the required information, including the number of the medical institution. Reference(312.52 KB)
    ※ Please be sure to fill out the slip in advance. The vaccine cannot be received if the slip is not filled out,
  4. Vaccination record sheet
    ※ Please fill out the record of vaccination sheet(22.47 KB)in advance.
    ※ Please bring the Record of Vaccination sheet used for your first dose when you receive you second dose.

    ■Instructions regarding the vaccination coupon and the record of vaccination sheet
    ※ Please print out the documents on A4-sized paper (without magnification or contraction).
    ※ Please provide your family register name and address listed on residence register
  5. Vaccination coupon issued by your local government or “Pledge” using the format provided by Sophia University (upon receiving second dose)
    ※ If you have received a vaccination coupon issued by your local government, please be sure to bring it.
    If you receive the coupon after your first dose, prior to your second dose, please submit the coupon for the first and second dose when you receive your second dose.
    If you have not received a vaccination coupon by second dose, please fill out the written pledge(107.38 KB) and submit it when you receive your second dose. Please submit your coupon as soon as you receive it. (It can be submitted by post.)
    Please send or bring tickets to (by 30 Sep)

    Secretariat for workplace vaccination
    Office of General Affairs, Bureau of General Affairs, Sophia School Corporation
    7-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554
    (Yotsuya Campus, Building No. 13, 4F; office hours: 8:45-11:30, 12:30-17:30 on weekdays)
2. Procedures for vaccination

※ Please wear clothing that allows easy access to your upper arm and shoulder.

※ The time slot for each booking is ten minutes. Please come up to the 17th floor of Building No. 2 well in advance of your booking, however to avoid crowding the waiting area, please do not come more than 20 minutes early.

※ The following procedures will be taken at the venue:
① Reception
② Prevaccination Screening Questionnaire checked
③ Medical interview
④ Administration of vaccine
⑤ Vaccination record sheet returned
⑥ Observation (more than 15 minutes)

※ The vaccination record sheet will be needed for your second dose. After the second dose, it will serve as a record of your vaccination history. Please be sure not to lose it.

※ If you are told during the medical interview that you will need thirty minutes of observation, please act accordingly.
Those who have a medical history of strong allergic responses or feeling sick or fainting after blood collection may be asked to stay for thirty minutes after receiving the vaccine.

Ⅳ. After vaccine administration

Please refer What to do after receiving the vaccine(477.45 KB) for instructions to be followed after vaccine administration.
Side-effects usually disappear after two or three days, but if you should have any symptoms that you are concerned about, please consult your home doctor or the following call center.

  1. Akebono Clinic
    Phone: 03-6457-7237
    Open hours: Monday – Saturday 9:00 a.m.〜6:00 p.m.
  2. Tokyo Metropolitan Government COVID-19 Consultation Center for Vaccination Side-effects
    Tel: 03-6258-5802 (24 hours a day / 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays)
    Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Nepalese, Burmese, Thai, French, Spanish, Portuguese
  3. After vaccination Reaction Consultation Centers including those outside Tokyo.
    Please refer the link here: After vaccination Reaction Consultation(316.16 KB)

    ※ The Consultation Center is strictly for consultations on side-effects and cannot deal with questions on booking vaccines.
    ※ If the students or faculty and staff of Sophia school cooperation become ill after vaccination, please follow the link below to “Manual for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention” regarding whether or not they can enter the campus.

    Students:Student Manual for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention

    Faculty and staff:Faculty Manual for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention

Ⅴ. Contact for workplace vaccination

Secretariat for workplace vaccination
Office of General Affairs, Bureau of General Affairs, Sophia School Corporation
TEL: 03-3238-4655 (Office hours: 8:45-11:30, 12:30-17:30 on weekdays)
※Although Sophia University is closed from August 12 (Thu.) to August 18 (Wed.) for summer holidays, the office for workplace vaccination will be open. However please note that it may take some time for us to respond to your inquiries.

※A part of the logistic operations of workplace vaccination has been commissioned to KNT Shutoken Co., Ltd. Sophia School Corporation and KNT Shutoken Co., Ltd. have signed a memorandum on the various information (including personal information) obtained for workplace vaccination; and therefore, information will be properly managed.

FAQ can be found here(37.46 KB)

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