(To all students studying abroad) Request to End Study Abroad and Take Safety Measures

March 26th, 2020
Sophia University

Dear all students studying abroad,

The spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues worldwide since the University issued announcements on March 18. Many countries have raised their travel alert levels, imposed border restrictions. Curfews and lockdown are also in place in trying to restrain the spread.

Under such circumstances, there are risks that you may not access adequate medical treatments or institutional support in cases of unexpected problems while abroad. Therefore, Sophia University, in principle, request all the students to immediately end your study abroad and return to Japan, regardless of your destination.

On the other hand, we understand that your host country may be implementing various measures that traveling is already restricted or may cause further risks. As the situation is deteriorating in many places, make sure to put your personal safety the first priority and to take one of the following actions immediately.

If you can still travel back to Japan,

  1. Immediately suspend your study abroad and return to Japan.
  2. Even if you do not receive any instructions at the arrival airport in Japan, please check your own health condition using the Self-Health Management Form available at the University website, and do not enter the campus for 14 days.
    Even if you are unable to attend the spring semester guidance due to the self-quarantine, please cooperate with checking your health conditions and slowing down the spread.

If it is difficult to travel back,

  1. In case traveling from your host country may increase the risk of your personal safety or of your family and, upon consultation with your family, and you determine that it would be better to stay there, please do so while fully securing your personal safety and health conditions.
  2. Japanese Embassies and Consulates are collecting information of the Japanese nationals abroad. Please register with the nearest Embassy/Consulate (of your country if you are an international student).
  3. Sophia University has prepared a questionnaire form on “Loyola” for those who are unable to return home to notify us of your situation. Please answer the questionnaire via Loyola and notify the University of your situation.

The situation is changing very quickly. We urge students staying outside of Japan to access most updated information from the trusted sources, and to put your safety as the first priority.

Sophia University

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