Meeting between Professor Daisaku Higashi and Ms. Espinosa, President of UN General Assembly

Professor Higashi and Ms.Espinosa

Dr. Daisaku Higashi, professor, and Deputy Director at the Center for Global Cooperation and Training at Sophia University, had the meeting with Ms. María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés, President of UN General Assembly in New York on 13 March 2019.

During about 30 minutes’ discussion, Professor Higashi discussed with President Espinosa on how to realize the participation of women to conflict resolution mechanism, as well as how to respond to local actors when they resist inclusive peace process.

In the discussion, Prof. Higashi explained his visits to Iraq, Turkey, Ethiopia, and South Sudan, to deliver lectures and conduct academic researches on the peace process of these states from Feb 15 to March 5; he was assigned by Mr. Taro Kono, Foreign Minister of Japan as a specialist to make intellectual contributions to peacebuilding of Iraq and South Sudan.

Responding to the reporting of Prof. Higashi, President Espinosa emphasized that she has been doing her best to make UN relevant for all people on the planet, especially people suffering from conflicts. She then reclaimed her appreciation to the seminar which Sophia University hosted on 31 August 2018 for Ms. Espinosa when she visited Tokyo.

Visit of Ms. Espinosa to Sophia Univesrity on 31 August 2018

After the meeting, President Espinosa posted her twitter and message.

Offical twitter account of President Espinosa

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