A Message to Our Overseas International Students

I would like to express my sincere concern for our international students overseas who are unable to come to Japan to join classes this semester.

This has been a trying semester for all of us, as we have seen our hopes raised and then frustrated by sudden changes of the situation. As you all know, the Japanese government issued guidelines in early November allowing for a gradual entry of new students into Japan, news which we all welcomed.

However, with the discovery of the new omicron COVID variant towards the end of November, the door has been shut again. At this stage, it is unclear when Japanese government will reopen the entry for foreign students.

This is very disappointing for us, and I am sure it is even more so for you. We also understand that many of you are taking classes at very inconvenient times, which also impacts your health and well-being.

I want to let you know that we are aware of these conditions and frustrations, and we are doing our best to improve HyFlex classroom setting and make practical accommodations to facilitate your participation in classes in a sustainable fashion.

This situation is not within our control as a single private university. However, Sophia University will continue to discuss with the relevant authorities and convey the concerns of our students and the university. Once border enforcement is lifted for international students, Sophia University will do our best to help you join us on campus.

In the spirit of Christmas, which entails patience and hope for a dark night’s passing before the arrival of good news, we wait together for the day when our international overseas students can travel to Japan and be with us on campus. We look forward to welcoming you back to make our campus complete.

We will always be with you.

Yoshiaki Terumichi
President of Sophia University

Sophia University

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