Re: Measures to prevent COVID-19 infection amid increasing concerns regarding the delta variant

With your cooperation, Sophia University has made every efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections under our new campus rules, “Sophia New Normal.”

However, given the spread of the more infectious delta variant, we received reports of infection from 66 students in August. The number has almost doubled since July.

Once classes are resumed in the Autumn Semester, more people will be on campus. Therefore, you are asked to act responsibly in light of the ever-serious situation.

While basic infection prevention measures are the same for the delta variant – wearing masks, hand-washing, disinfection, avoiding the 3Cs (closed spaces, crowded places, close-contact settings – you are asked the following:

■ Be sure to wear a mask (non-woven fabric mask)
  • It has become clear that the effectiveness of wearing masks can vary depending on the fabric and how it is worn.

    You are strongly recommended to wear non-woven fabric masks, which have been proven to be more effective in preventing airborne droplet dispersal compared to cloth and urethane masks. (You are not forced to wear a non-woven fabric mask if it is difficult due to health reasons, etc.)

    Please wear your mask properly tightly, ensuring a tight fit.
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  • Vaccination does not completely prevent infection. Please continue to wear a mask and take infection prevention measures after the second dose.
■ Dining with others will increase your risk of infection

We have received many reports of infection or designation as a person in close contact with an infected person among friends who dined together. Please continue to strictly refrain from eating or drinking with friends (including at home and outside) and eat in silence.

Dining with others will increase your risk of infection even if you do not have alcohol. Having conversations without masks can make you “a person in close contact with an infected person” regardless of the time spent.

■ Vaccination
■ Reporting infection or designation as a person in close contact with an infected person
  • The information provided will be used only for the purpose of infection prevention and personal data will be protected. Your cooperation is requested in reporting promptly in order to prevent the spread of infections on campus.

  • Even the most precautious people risk infection. Please do not blame yourself or others in the case of infection. Should you have any concerns, please consult with the Health Center or Center for Student Affairs.

    ※The COVID-19 Infection Prevention Manual, containing information on relevant facilities, for the autumn semester will be made available next week.

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