Class policy for the 2021 Autumn Semester

Dear Students,

As provided in the notice dated July 23 regarding the class policy for the autumn semester, we have decided to conduct classes as follows, given the COVID-19 situation and vaccination status as of September 9:

  1. Classes will be conducted mainly online until the end of October. However, courses that involve experiments or training, seminars and courses required for licenses, as well as courses with a small number of enrollees will be conducted in person, as deemed necessary by the professor in charge.

    A list of courses that will conduct in-person classes will be posted on the Loyola university bulletin board on Wednesday, September 22. Should you wish to virtually attend classes conducted in person due to health reasons, etc., please directly contact the professor in charge of the relevant course.

    This measure taken through the end of October is temporary and the syllabi announced on September 1 will not be changed in accordance with this tentative measure. Class format (in person/online) and online class access details (Zoom link, etc.) will be provided by your professor on the Loyola bulletin after Wednesday, September 22. Please be sure to check for individual course announcements along with your course registration plan.

  2. From November, classes will be conducted according to the syllabi (mainly in person). The reason for shifting to in-person classes in November is that by this time the second dose of the workplace vaccination offered at Sophia University will have been completed and the effects of vaccination can be expected on campus.

    For students who wish to attend in-person classes online from November and onwards, requests will be received from mid-October. The necessary procedures will be announced on Loyola bulletin board on a later date. Relevant students should be sure to check for details and follow the procedures required.

  3. In case the national government or the Tokyo Metropolitan government requests that the university limit the use of its facilities, the class policy may be reviewed.

Sophia University

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