Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Enhanced Prevention of Infection Spread and Request for Cooperation in Monitoring Tests

May 20, 2021
Sophia University

The declaration of state of emergency has been extended, but Sophia University would try to continue activities on campus as far as possible, carefully observing and paying close attention to the epidemic situation in Tokyo area and on campus.

With all your cooperation, the number of reported infections among university personnel so far shows no rapid expansion. However, due to the emergence of more infectious variant of COVID-19, the infection status continues to be unpredictable.

Many of the students, faculty, staff members, their families and local people are facing their own circumstances and anxiety. Activities on campus can only be carried out with the understanding and cooperation of the entire university members. We must absolutely avoid any careless behavior that may result in wasting the dedicated efforts of the healthcare workers.

It is understandable that you are exhausted with “staying home” fatigue, but now is the time to strengthen the prevention of infection spread. We ask for your cooperation.

♦ Be reminded to follow the ⟨⟨ Six basic rules of Sophia New Normal ⟩⟩.
  • Wear your mask properly
  • Wash and sanitize your hands often
  • Eat in silence and wear your mask when not eating
  • Maintain physical distancing
  • Connection to Sophia Wi-Fi (Zoom and videos) only when necessary
  • Avoid crowds on campus and immediately go home after classes and work

♦ Say NO! to dining and drinking gatherings.
  • At lunch breaks, do you take off your mask and chat? People around you may be feeling uneasy.
  • Do not drop your guard: infection cases are reported in outdoor “not-Three Cs” situations (barbeques in parks)

♦ Do not leave home, if you feel unwell.

It is quite possible that you can be infected even though you have taken extra caution. The infection reports to the university show many early subjective symptoms of sore throat, taste disorder, etc. If you feel such symptoms, that is the time you should not leave home.

Free-of-charge PCR tests will be carried out on campus
(cabinet secretariat monitoring tests)

COVID-19 may spread without symptoms to people around you.

If many students, faculty, staff members take the test, it will help reduce infection at an early stage, enable us to continue face-to-face activities and ensure the safety of yourself and your family.

Please check “Loyola Bulletin Board” as more information will be posted in a few days. Do not miss this opportunity to take the test.

Sophia University

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