Online exchange platform between Sophia University Department of German Literature and Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf is back with new members

The online exchange platform between the Sophia students and the students of HHU (Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf), which was launched in the spring semester of 2021, has re-launched with new members this fall semester.

This semester, two courses, one focusing on the study of German language and another on the study of Japanese language, are offered online every Sunday to enjoy mutual exchange. The experienced members of both universities who have been participating in the program since the spring semester are preparing more creative topics, which is drawing attention as something to look forward to this semester.

Also participating this semester are first-year students who have just completed six months of German language study at Sophia. Even those who were still nervous at the first self-introduction were able to relax and enjoy exchanges thanks to the supportive atmosphere created by the students of HHU. It is hoped that this online exchange will be the seed for further exchanges between the two universities in the future.

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