“PON Global” held at Sophia University, the world-leading three-day negotiation training by the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School

As a kick-off event for the new program of Sophia University, “Professional Studies” starting in April 2020, “PON Global” was held at the Yotsuya Campus from September 11 to 13 and 28 business persons participated.

“PON Global” is a 3-day concentrated training course offered by the Program on Negotiation(PON) at Harvard Law School(PON). PON is a world leader in negotiation education, research and training. The PON Global covers the basics of negotiation, skills to improve one’s negotiating capacity, tools to deal with emotional and rational biases, and strategies for difficult negotiation situations. In 2015, the first ever PON Global Pilot was held for two days at Sophia University and the full 3-day program was to be offered this time.

The course was entirely in English and led by the experienced PON lecturer. The participants were provided with the interactive classroom sessions, dynamic negotiation exercises and discussions, video-based modules featuring world class, and videoconferences with senior faculty at Harvard.

Reflecting the program, Professor Tetsuo Morishita of Law School commented that: I am very glad that such a world-class program was offered here at Sophia University. The skill of negotiation is crucial in many areas. Sophia University is going to enhance our program in this field. In our new Professional Studies, we will offer two negotiation courses.

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