Experiencing the history of the Inca Empire and enjoying conversations with people in Peru

Hana Kubota
Department of Hispanic Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies(2nd year)

Destination: Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Peru)
Form of Study Abroad: Social Engagement Programs

My experiences on the Peru Study Tour will remain with me for years to come.

At Pontifica Universidad Católica de Peru , I had lectures on Peru’s unique topography and its cultural diversity due to its history of colonization. I also studied current issues in education and inequality.

During my stay, I visited various places but Machu Picchu and other remains of the Inca Empire were all meticulously detailed, and I felt deep admiration for the wisdom of these predecessors.

This was my first stay in a Spanish-speaking country so everything, including conversations and signs, was eye-opening. At the same time, I could not help but realize my poor Spanish skills in stores and other places, which really motivated me to improve.

The moments I had with local people were unforgettable. I heard opinions from the Nikkei (people of Japanese origin) on discrimination and issues in Japan from a Peruvian perspective. The interesting stories I heard from Japanese expats has broadened the scope of my future. Through hearing the opinions and interacting with other students, I also deepened my own understanding.

I used to think of Peru as a country that is far from Japan. However, my wonderful experiences there have turned it into a familiar place.

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