The only permanent center for regional studies in Japan with an Islamic name

The Institute of Islamic Area Studies (SIAS) aims to promote the coordination and revitalization of Islam-related research at Sophia University, to contribute to the promotion of Islamic area studies in Japan, and to further promote the recognition and development of such studies in the world. Moreover, through the study of Islam at the Catholic University, we will explore ways that lead to the construction of a harmonious world in which the various religions coexist. Here, Islamic area studies refer to studies that address various Islam-related phenomena that occur in various parts of the world and attempt to
consider them from a broad perspective that transcends time and region, while emphasizing methods of area studies that do not neglect the individuality of each case.

This endeavor began in 1997, when Sophia University became one of the hubs of the nationwide“Islamic Area Studies” project funded by a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI). A succeeding project was launched in 2006, and the“Center for Islamic Studies” was established within the Institute of Asian Cultures. In 2010, the Center became an independent organization with a time-limited research division. In 2022, it was finally established as a permanent research institute with a new name

Research Activities

We will develop highly problem-oriented joint research projects and publish SIAS Occasional Papers aimed at forming an academic journal in the future. Our achievements will also be shared with students and non-professionals through lectures, symposia, and other events, as well as through the publication of the SIAS Lectures. In academic year 2022, SIAS was awarded an academic research promotion fund by the Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan for the joint research project“Research on the Dynamics of the Reconstruction of Publicness in Contemporary Islam,” which will be positioned as our core activity of this year.

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