An international forum for media and journalism research

In this modern society marked by shifts toward advanced, widespread information utilization and globalization, Sophia University carries out research based on our guiding principles in the fields of media, culture and journalism in response to societal changes while forming research centers within the University that boast far-reaching, vigorous information communication functionality. By engaging in cooperative efforts with on- and off-campus researchers, media representatives, government agencies and so forth, we
are cultivating venues for international exchange of information with media communication researchers and others within Japan and abroad.

Planned principle activities

  1. Implementation and administration of various research projects:
    Specific themes
    • Media and Journalism ethics, freedom of expression
    • The effects of various forms of mass media on awareness and formation of public opinion
    • Characteristics of digital media’s journalistic functions
    • Company targets and the present-day general public
    • Potential for global spread of Japanese-style entertainment.
    • The general public’s utilization of media and the entertainment industry
      (We will develop research projects in collaboration with currently active journalists and promote international research activities with overseas researchers.).
  2. Journal publication: released once per year (publication on the Internet andvia digital and print media.)
  3. Research conferences : we plan to host approximately three per year.
  4. Symposium: Tokyo Documentary Film Festival Symposium.

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