A plaque honoring Father Bosch’s achievements has been installed on his statue at the Edagawa Dormitory

Statue of Fr. Bosch in the courtyard of the Edagawa Dormitory

In the courtyard of the Sophia Edagawa Dormitory (located in Edagawa, Koto Ward), there stands a statue of Father Franz Bosch.

Franz Bosch, S.J.

Father Franz Bosch (1910-1958) was born in Germany. After studying philosophy and theology at Oxford University and Seattle University, he came to Japan in 1940. While teaching at Sophia University, he worked tirelessly to establish student dormitories to save students from housing and food shortages. Thanks to his efforts, in April 1948, after World War II, Sophia University relocated Quonset huts decommissioned by the U.S. military to the campus and established a student dormitory (Kamaboko House). The dormitory was affectionately known as “Bosch Town” after Father Bosch, who served as the dormitory supervisor.

Kamaboko house (commonly known as Bosch Town) established in 1948

Father Bosch served as the head supervisor of Bosch Town for 12 years starting in 1943, engaging with students and providing strict yet loving guidance. He was affectionately called “Oyaji” (Old Man) by the students. In 1957, a long-awaited male student dormitory was newly established at the Sophia Hall on the Yotsuya Campus (where Building No. 6 currently stands), and he became its first head supervisor. However, he passed away suddenly the following year at the young age of 48.

Statue of Fr. Bosch in the courtyard of the Edagawa Dormitory

In 1959, a bust of Father Bosch, erected by those who admired him, stood for a long time in front of the Sophia Hall on the Yotsuya Campus. It was later moved to the courtyard of the Edagawa Dormitory. Even now, he continues to watch over the students with a gentle gaze.

Father Tsunoda blessing the statue of Father Bosch

In March 2024, as part of the Sophia 110th-anniversary celebrations, a plaque honoring Father Bosch’s achievements was installed on his statue in the courtyard of the Edagawa Dormitory.
On June 24, a ceremony of celebration and thanksgiving was held for the installation. Father Yuichi Tsunoda blessed the bust, and attendees included Hitomi Nagano, the Director of the Office of Student Affairs, Manager Taninaka of the Edagawa Dormitory, and staff from related departments. Together, they reflected on Father Bosch’s legacy and offered their prayers.

Community room of the Edagawa Dormitory

Additionally, on the wall of the community room on the first floor of the Edagawa Dormitory, there are articles introducing Father Bosch and the Kamaboko House. These articles are displayed in a way that allows the dormitory residents to relax and become familiar with Father Bosch’s stories at their leisure.

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