Commendation ceremony commemorating Pope Francis’ visit to the University was held

On February 26, the “2023 (4th) Commemoration Ceremony for the Visit of Pope Francis to Sophia University” was held at the Catholic Jesuit Center.

Sophia University established the ” Pope Francis Visit Memorial Fund” to perpetuate the memory of Pope Francis’ visit to the University in November 2019. The Fund will support efforts to address the various issues outlined in the Pope’s message, “To Those Who Study at the University that is the Seat of Wisdom,” and is intended to expand the range of activities that address issues such as poverty, those of vulnerable populations, and the realization of a truly integrated multicultural society.

This year, two organizations were selected for the group award category, and each received a certificate of commendation from Chancellor Sali Augustine and a supplementary award from Trustee in Charge of General Affairs Toshiro Otsuka. Director of the Catholic Jesuit Center, Sung Il Lee, said, “I hope that through this award ceremony, more people will become aware of this commemorative award, and that the activities of the organizations receiving the awards will thrive.

The winners are as follows:

【Higher Education Category】
 Group Award

■NPO Seibo Japan:Representative
Mr. Masato Yamada, B.A. in English Literature / Theology: Supporting school meals in Malawi, Africa

■Peer Cafe Project, a collaborative effort between faculty and staff
Representative: Prof. Satoshi Kawanishi, Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics: Sustainable and continuous development of peer support (mutual support among peers) through a place for exchange

Chancellor Augustine presented the certificate of recognition
Group photo of the entire group

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