Japanese Speech Contest for Sophia International Students

Japanese Speech Contest for Sophia International Students was held for the third time

The winner, Polina Dimitrova Arabadzhieva

On June 29, “Japanese Speech Contest for Sophia International Students” was held organized by the Center for Language Education and Research. The contest consists of beginner and intermediate/advance level is an opportunity for international students studying Japanese at Sophia to present their skills and effort.
Five finalists for each level, total of 10 students from eight countries participated in the contest covering the wide range of topics: about troubles and surprises encountered while living in Japan to their family and dreams. Nearly 100 audiences were drawn to their passionate speeches.

Five judges include Kensaku Yoshida, Director of Center for Language Education and Research and Keiko Mizuguchi of Secretary General of The Japan Forum examined the speech of each student carefully by its content, compositions as well as clarity in their oral presentation.

The winner of Intermediate/Advance division is Polina Dimitrova Arabadzhieva from Bulgaria of Faculty of Global Studies with her powerful speech title “Looking up in a search engine name ‘grandpa’”. Although today internet is available to conveniently provide information we need, she shared her valuable experiences receiving much precious teachings from elderly promising to hold respect for them at all time.

Other prize winners are as follow:
【Intermediate/Advance Level】
Second Place: Diana Rybakova (Belarus, Faculty of Liberal Arts)
【Beginner Level】
Winner: Aimee Jane Kho (Philippines, SAIMS)
Second Place: Xu Yue (China, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies)

Winners received 100000 yen and Second Place winners 50000 yen. And Special Recognition Award created this year was given to Daria Karaseva (Russia, Faculty of Liberal Arts) receiving Sophia original goods.

Contest was moderated by Tessa Rizzoli (Italy, Faculty of Liberal Arts) who is a tutor of Italian language at LLC. Students of “Lingwave”, a student organization also supported and enjoyed the event day with participants.

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