Sophia University Response after Lifting of State of Emergency by the Japanese Government

Sophia University previously announced that entry to all campuses would be prohibited until May 31 in the April 30 announcement regarding the “Declaration of a State of Emergency” by the Japanese government.

On May 25, the state of emergency for all regions of Japan was lifted, however, to avoid the “3Cs” (closed room, close gatherings, close contact) and to prevent the possibility of a second wave of outbreaks, Sophia University has decided to continue to closely monitor the situation and slowly ease the restrictions as listed below, from June until an undetermined date.

We ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.

(1) In general, we will continue to take the same measures that are in effect until May 31 from June 1 onward. (Please see details 1-5 below)

(2) The period of effect for (1) will be from Monday June 1, until an undermined date.
We will be closely monitoring the outbreak situation and the response of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Federal Government to decide how to slowly ease the current restrictions.

(3) The Central Library and Mejiro Seibo Campus Library will be offering a reservation service to borrow books in June.
Please see the library homepage for details.

*Furthermore, due to the current circumstances some procedure changes may occur. We will publish any changes on the university homepage, Loyola and the Bulletin Board for Staff and Faculty Members (Sophia Bulletin Board).

1. Procedures Regarding Prohibition of Campus Entry

Current Students

  • Entry into campus will be permitted only to those students who have received permission. If you wish to enter the campus for a specific reason, contact the department or office you wish to visit and receive permission.
  • If you are permitted to enter the campus please follow Detail 5. below.
    *The department/office will contact you on Loyola if there are any exceptions.

Staff and Faculty Members

  • In general all employees will continue to telecommute. (Please see Sophia Bulletin Board for details.) If you must come to the campus, individual permission is not required. Please follow Detail 5. below and show your ID card to the Main Gate Guard when you enter the campus.

General Public (Includes High School Students and Prospective Students)

  • In general, entry into the campus will be permitted only to those who have received permission.

2. Research Activities

  • Faculty members, and research personnel(PDs, RAs,and Graduate students) that have received permission from a supervisor are permitted to engage in research activities as deemed essential to operation and maintenance of ongoing research. As such, limited entry to campus will be permitted to one person at a time per research laboratory.

  • If you will enter the campus please follow Detail 5 below and make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to avoid contact with others.

3. Cancellation of University Events and Extracurricular Activities

  1. All Sophia School Organization (including Sophia University) planned events
    Face-to Face Lectures, Seminars, etc., even with few participants will be cancelled for the time being.
  2. Student led extracurricular activities
    All extracurricular activities both on-campus and off-campus, even with few participants, will be continued to be cancelled for the time being.

4. Changes to opening hours of the Yotsuya Campus gates

  • All entry or exit must be done through the Main Gate.
  • The East Gate will be closed and will only open for vehicles.
  • All other gates will be closed (Building 13 entrance will be open) .

5. Precautions when entering campus after receiving permission

If you do not follow these precautions you will be denied entry to the campus.

  • Even if you have received permission to enter the campus, you cannot enter the campus if you are feeling ill. (Fever, cold symptoms, loss of smell or taste, etc.)
  • Please check your temperature at home on the day before you come to campus. (We may check your temperature before you enter the campus)
  • Make sure that you frequently wash your hands while you are on campus.
  • You must wear a mask to enter the campus. If you cannot obtain a mask, please contact the Sophia University Health Center in advance.
  • Do not stay on campus for longer than required, as soon as you have finished your business please leave the campus.
  • You may not take online classes while on campus.
  • You may not enter any building that you have not received permission to enter.
  • Please follow any other instructions that you have received.

Contact Information

Staff and faculty members will telecommute/work from home, we ask that you make any inquiries by e-mail, not by telephone.
■Contact information during the period of prohibition of campus entry

Sophia University

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