Financial aid for students with reduced income from part-time employment (Last Updated: May 8)

May 4th, 2020
May 8th, 2020 (Updated)

Director, Center for Student Affairs, Sophia University

To Current Students and Parents/Guardians,

The coronavirus outbreak has contributed to sudden household income changes and part-time employment income reduction. As such, a number of students are facing difficulties in continuing their studies due to financial reasons.

In the announcement on April 28, “Sophia University’s Support for Student-life and Online-classes,” from the President of Sophia University, we will be introducing an emergency program for student support.

Under these circumstances, Sophia University is offering the following financial aid for students (including international students) who are in distress due to reduced income from part-time employment.

Financial aid for students with reduced income from part-time employment

(Overview of aid program)

Amount: 100,000 yen per person

Eligibility: Students that meet the following requirements

  1. Paying for own tuition OR Tuition paid by Parent(s)/Guardian(s) while living away from home and paying living expenses on their own
  2. Income from part-time employment has decreased to 50% or less from prior pay slip
    ∗ One month between January to May 2020. Even if you do not meet this requirement exactly, please describe your current circumstances clearly.
  3. Not receiving Japanese government “Financial Support System for Higher Education”
  4. Not a recipient of a total scholarship (Grant type) of 100,000(mon) or more from the university or an external organization

Application information and schedule will be available on Loyola from Monday, May 11.

The university offers many other types of financial assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact the Center for Student Affairs if you need assistance.
Information regarding financial support for students with financial need due to sudden changes in household income is available at the website below.  (in Japanese)

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