Notification Regarding Smoking on Campus

Sophia University is a higher education institute with students who are prospective leaders of the future. The university is also a highly public place where many people gather to engage in education, research and social contribution. Based on the Health Promotion Act enacted in 2003, we have already prohibited smoking in all buildings, and we now intend to pursue a smoking-free campus with an aim to support the health of all members of and visitors to the university.

It has become a well-known fact that smoking is hazardous to the health of not only smokers themselves but also to that of people around them. Recent studies have revealed that smoking affects respiratory organs, circulatory organs and pregnancy.

Under Sophia’s educational spirit of “Men and Women for Others, with Others,” smoking is not an exception and we must all act with consideration for the health of not only ourselves but for the impact that our actions may have upon others.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is currently preparing to enact the Passive Smoking Prevention Ordinance. Sophia University may have to take measures in accordance with actions taken by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Chiyoda Ward, but in the meanwhile, we request your cooperation and understanding in our proactive efforts to address the items provided below:

  • Ensuring that there is no smoking outside designated areas
  • Improving smoking manners
  • Increasing awareness regarding smoking and health hazards
  • Providing support for quitting smoking

April 2nd, 2018

Tsutomu Sakuma
     Chancellor, Sophia School Corporation
Yoshiaki Terumichi
     President, Sophia University

Sophia University

For Others, With Others