(To All Students) Entry to campus prohibited with the declaration of a state of emergency due to the coronavirus

April 7th, 2020
President of Sophia University

To All Students

Taken into the account of the declaration of a state of emergency, the university has decided to prohibit entry to all campuses from April 8 to May 6, to ensure the safety of students.

To protect your health and prevent the spread of infection, for the time being refrain from going out and stay cautious. The situation regarding COVID-19 is constantly changing, in the event of any further changes, we will announce them on the university website. Undergraduate and Graduate classes are scheduled to start May 25 (some exceptions), we will announce details regarding pre-semester orientation sessions on the university website and Loyola’s University Bulletin Board soon.

1. Procedures regarding prohibition of campus entry (April 8 – May 6)
  • All students are prohibited from entering all campuses
  • The libraries, COM classrooms, Cafeteria, and other on-campus facilities will be closed
  • On-campus offices will be minimally staffed and counter service will be suspended. We ask that you make any inquiries by e-mail, not by telephone. (University Health Center, etc. are exceptions. See contact details below)
  • In-person counselling sessions at the Career Center and Counseling Center will be held via other means. Details to be announced separately
  • Details regarding date of re-opening of campus will be announced on the university web page and Loyola’s University Bulletin Board
2. Measures regarding events and extracurricular activities (Further extension from March 25 notice)
  • All university organization planned events (Lectures, Seminars, etc.) are cancelled until Sunday, May 24.
  • All extracurricular activities both on-campus and off-campus are also cancelled until Sunday, May 24.

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