Workplace Vaccination Inquiry FAQ

  1. Can I receive the first dose of vaccine at Sophia University and the second at another site?
    If the first dose was given at Sophia University the second should also be given at Sophia University.

  2. After the first vaccination, is it possible for my second vaccination to be scheduled more than four weeks after?
    The second vaccination should be given four weeks after the first. Please refer to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website: 
  3. Is a vaccination voucher required for vaccination at Sophia University?
    You may receive the vaccination without a voucher but it must be submited upon receiving it.

  4. Are students other than undergraduate and graduate students eligible for the vaccination?
    All students are eligible for the vaccination.

  5. Can I get vaccinated without responding to the pre-survey for students?
    Yes you can. Information concerning the vaccination, booking etc. will be posted on Loyola.

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