“Sophia Facts” is now available

The IR Office is responsible for promoting Institutional Research (IR) within the university, which supports decision-making through the collection, management, analysis, and sharing of various data related to teaching and management. The IR Office, which is responsible for promoting IR within the university, began publishing the SOPHIA FACTBOOK in 2015.

The “SOPHIA FACTBOOK”, which had been published in booklet form, has now been renewed as “Sophia Facts”, and is available online.

In creating the book, we used the BI tool Tableau to create a dashboard of highly sought-after statistical figures and other data that are easy to understand and refer to on the web.

In addition, for topics of special note, we have added detailed explanations by departments in charge to provide a deeper understanding of the background to changes in the figures.
Furthermore, by organizing and visualizing the various data gathered through the activities and analysis of the IR Office, we aim to make this site a decision-making support tool for the faculty and staff of each school, so that they can carry out their duties more effectively and efficiently.

In the future, we plan to report the results of questionnaires and other surveys on the site.

It is our sincere hope that the Sophia Facts website will provide stakeholders with a deeper understanding of the current status of each school, help to deepen the bonds between Sophia and its stakeholders, and contribute to the future development of education and research activities.

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