Campus operations during the State of Emergency (April 26 – May 11)

Given the declaration of a State of Emergency, classes will be offered online (with the exception of some courses) as provided below. Details on campus operation are provided below:

Students who do not have classes offered in person are also permitted to use campus facilities on condition that infection prevention measures are fully taken. However, we may limit the number of students admitted on campus or close specific facilities depending on future developments in the status of infections. Please be sure to check Loyola and the University website.

For the purpose of limiting the spread of infections, the Government has called for refrainment from unnecessary and non-urgent trips outside the home and dining with others. I request you to take responsible actions.

1. Classes

Monday, April 26  –  Saturday, May 1   Classes canceled
(This applies to all courses, including courses offered on demand, courses using Zoom and/or other simultaneous interactive means, and English-taught programs that have been offered online from the beginning of the semester.)

Sunday, May 2  –  Wednesday, May 5   Holiday (no classes scheduled)
Thursday, May 6  –  Tuesday, May 11   Online classes (with the exception of some courses)

  • A list of classes that will continue to be offered in person will be posted on Loyola by Wednesday, April 28. Please be sure to check for updates.
  • Classes are scheduled to be offered in their original format from Wednesday, May 12, but this is subject to change in accordance with the status of the State of Emergency declaration. Decisions will be announced.

2. Campus entry

  • Students should enter Yotsuya Campus via the North Gate.
  • Temperature checks and ID verification using a card reader will be conducted upon entry. Please do not forget your student ID card.
  • If we should need to limit the number of people on campus, we will install a booking system. Please check for updated announcements before coming to campus.

3. Campus facilities

  • The library and computer room are available for continued use.
    Please check the website for open hours and service hours.
     − Library: 
     − ICT Office: 
    A limited number of seats are available for use in order to prevent infection.
  • Cafeteria and store hours will be announced as soon as decisions are made.

4. Joining online classes on campus

During May 6 – 11, students who need to take classes online in between classes attended in person and those who wish to join online classes on campus due to poor Internet conditions at home may use the classroom usually used when the class is offered in person or in a classroom on the seventh floor of Building No. 11.

5. Research activities on campus

Please follow the instructions provided by your graduate program or faculty regarding the use of graduate school student study rooms and labs.

6. Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities may not be conducted in person for the duration of the State of Emergency. Please follow the detailed instructions provided by the Center of Student Affairs.

7. Consultations and contacts

Please consult with university should you have any concerns regarding job searching, student life, scholarships, etc.

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