[URGENT] Measures regarding events and extracurricular activities upon the outbreak of novel coronavirus

Dear students, faculty and staff members,

Given the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Government has defined the immediate present as a critical moment for the prevention of the wider spread of the virus in Japan and has requested the implementation of measures to reduce risk of transmission. Sophia School Corporation has decided to cancel all events and extracurricular activities scheduled through Sunday, March 15.

We have arrived at this decision prioritizing our social responsibility to prevent further transmission as well as to ensure the safety of our students and faculty and staff members. We request your cooperation and understanding so that we may control the virus and facilitate the smooth start of the research and education activities of the new academic year.

You will be informed of decisions regarding graduation ceremony as soon as they have been made.

Hosted events
Contact: Office of General Affairs, Bureau of General Affairs
  1. All events (lectures, seminars, etc.) to be hosted by groups governed by the University, Junior College Division and School of Social Welfare through Sunday, March 15 should be cancelled. In the case of events engaging small groups of participants (less than thirty people) that are difficult to cancel or reschedule, please consult with Office of General Affairs. Regardless of the number of participants, all gatherings that may engage elderly people or involve drinking and eating inside, among people sitting closely together shall not be held.
  2. All face-to-face meetings that can be conducted through alternative means, including teleconference or email, should be cancelled.
Extracurricular activities for Sophia University students
Contact: Center Student Affairs, Bureau of Student Affairs
  1. Students should refrain from all activities, including extra-curricular activities, that involve risk of transmission until March 15.
    Therefore, all university facilities (classrooms, athletic fields, gymnasiums, Hoffman Hall, Building No. 11 Music Room, Building No. 1 Lecture Hall, facilities on Hadano Campus, etc.) will not be available for students.
  2. All overnight and long distance travels should be cancelled or rescheduled.
Career seminars
Contact: Career Center, Bureau of Student Affairs

Corporate recruitment briefings to be hosted by the Career Center scheduled from Monday, March 2, will be held as scheduled, but limiting the number of participants to thirty students per classroom. Participants are asked to check the precautions provided on Loyola Web Service and the Career Center system, as well as to mind the instructions provided below:

  • Refrain from participating should you have a fever or cough, or feel any decline in your health condition.
  • Engage in frequent hand-wash, frequent air ventilation of classrooms, and practice good cough etiquette.
  • Keep an appropriate distance from the seat next to you.

Depending on future developments, these measures may be enhanced or extended over a Longer period. Please be sure to stay alert to further notices from the University.

Useful information

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) operates a visitor hotline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please feel free to call for assistance in case of accidents or emergencies including new coronavirus.Support is available in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Japan visitor Hotline: +81-(0)50-3816-2787

Japan visitor Hotline flyer

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