Concluding Agreement for Internship with OECD Headquarters

On April 16 Sophia University concluded agreement for internships with OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development / Headquarters: Paris / Secretary-General: Jose Angel Gurria). Signing ceremony was held at OECD Tokyo Center in Chiyoda and Secretary-General Jose Gurria and our President Yoshiaki Terumichi attended.

By this agreement students of Sophia University will be eligible to apply for internships exclusively for OECD partner institutions and also Sophia students will be prioritized in the selection process for internships at OECD offices. Interns are expected to acquire high motivation; excellent language skills as well as knowledges in specialized field however through internship at OECD enable students to gain valuable experiences as to working on policymaking/research and analysis.

Reflecting on our tie with OECD, last September our Vice President Miki Sugimura visited OECD Headquarters and in November at the career seminar the lecture was given by OECD Deputy Secretary-General Masamichi Kono and Head of Human Resource Management Michele Page.

To realize our mission to foster human resources to excel in the field of international corporations, we hope to partner with as many international organizations. In March we have also concluded comprehensive academic partnership with Africa Development Bank.

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