Kei Takeda, senior management major, merchandised replica of “Sophia Notebook” sold in 80’s

Available at Kinokuniya,Campus Store from March 15

A senior student Kei Takeda, a member of the seminar taught by Professor Genjiro Kosaka ofDepartment of Management to study product development theory merchandised replica of “Sophia Notebook” sold from 1980 to 1984.

Given the task to develop new Sophia original goods, Kei Takeda paid attention to current trend among people in their 20’s favoring “Showa” period retro culture and its items such as bathhouses, coffee shops and candy shops. While brainstorming for an idea, she found an original Sophia notebook of her father who is a graduate of Sophia, Faculty of Science and Technology at home. With a good impression for the design of the notebook she asked other seminar members for their opinions for an original Sophia Notebook. Receiving good responses she decided to merchandise replica of Sophia Notebook which will be available for the purchase from March 15 just in time for her graduation.

Running a research on usage of notebooks at Sophia, she discovered that 20%of students preferred notebooks over loose leaf binder and also at Kinokuniya, the school bookstore notebooks sell just as much. Those facts increased her confident to give it a go with an idea.

Burgundy, school color of Sophia is used for the cover of new Sophia Notebook and former school badge is printed in the back. Also the index is available at the first page which is unusual among other notebooks sold today. However the design inside is updated to today’s standard for its functionality.

“The design of the notebook is not just retro but modern at the same time. And also from this notebook. I appriciate the warmth of a family bond behinde merchandising of this notebook.” Professor Kosaka commented.

The price for Sophia Note Book is 210 yen and will be available at Kinokuniya Campus Store. Other retro goods usually stored at the school archive will be put on display for this occasion.

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