Africa Weeks 2023

Sophia University will hold “Africa Weeks” as an initiative to promote understanding of the African region and deepen cooperation together with those who are deeply involved there. We offer a variety of programs such as lectures, symposiums, and student projects.

Program (May 15 – May 29, 2023)

May 15

Building Schools in Slums in Africa – Smiles of Children, Sparkle of Life

May 20

Youth Conference Let’s Talk with Researchers from African Regions

May 22

Do you know Lesotho, the Kingdom of the Sky?

May 23

Making Prosthetic Legs in Rwanda – Working Toward Restoration

May 25

Introducing Sophia University Africa Studies

[Student Projects]

(1) African Workship – Africa Seen Through Coffee  (May 26)

(2) Magazine Project

(3) Library Exhibit  (May 15-June 23)

Past Africa Weeks

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