The 7th Africa Weeks / The 19th United Nations Weeks were held

Every year, Sophia University holds Africa Weeks in May and UN Weeks for spring in June.

Africa Weeks is our initiative to promote understanding of the African region and enhance partnerships with those who are committed to working closely with the region, and this year marked the 7th event.

Please click here to see the report of the 7th Africa Weeks.

On the other hand, UN Weeks is held in June to honor World Refugee Day (June 20) in the spring and in October to commemorate UN Day (October 24) in the fall. This year’s UN Weeks marked the 19th time. Based on the idea of ” Considering the world and our future through the work of the UN,” lectures and symposiums were held with a wide range of experts from Japan and abroad as speakers.

Please click here for a report on the 19th UN Weeks.

The fall UN Weeks is scheduled to be held from October 7 to October 24. More details will be announced shortly.

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