【IMPORTANT】Cancellation of Spring Entrance Ceremony (for Sophia University Undergraduate Faculties and Graduate Schools, Course of Midwifery) and postponement of the first day of class in the 2020 academic year

Given the wide impact of the spread of the novel coronavirus, Sophia University has decided to cancel the Spring Entrance Ceremony (for Sophia University Undergraduate Faculties and Graduate Schools, Course of Midwifery) scheduled in April.

Furthermore, the first day of class will be postponed from April 13 to April 27 for both new and current students. Events scheduled for the new academic year, including Guidance Orientation, which will be held before classes commence, will be held after April 13.

Acknowledging that the Entrance Ceremony is the initial event for those of you anticipating your new student life, we have carefully discussed different possibilities of holding the ceremony, including a simplified version. Surely, parents and guarantors have also looked forward to joining their sons and daughters at the ceremony to celebrate the important milestone.

We have also sought ways to start the academic year as scheduled, considering the preparations both new and current student have been engaged in with renewed visions for the new academic year,

However, at this point, we have no clear vision of the spread of novel coronavirus ceasing; and therefore, considering the serious impact that we would impose upon society, if students, parents or guarantors were to be affected by the virus, spreading it to the wider society, we arrived at the difficult decision of cancelling the ceremony. We are very grateful for your understanding and cooperation.

Amid these extraordinary circumstances, many people are experiencing inconveniences and are anxious about future developments. This is the time to stand by others and overcome difficulties hand in hand with Sophia (wisdom).

Our faculty and staff members all look forward to welcoming you on campus soon. Details regarding the schedule for the new academic year will be provided before the end of March.

March 13, 2020
Yoshiaki Terumichi
President, Sophia University

Cancelled events
  • Wednesday, April 1, 2020
    Entrance Ceremony for Undergraduate Faculties, Entrance Day Thanksgiving Mass, and Welcome Party by Parents’ Association

  • Thursday, April 2, 2020
    Entrance Ceremony for Graduate Schools and Course of Midwifery

  • Friday, April 3 − Monday, April 6, 2020
    Orientation Camp (for undergraduate freshmen)
    ∗ Sleepover event to be replaced with a half-day orientation on campus
    ∗ No meals will be served; and therefore, students will not be required to submit the questionnaire on food preferences and allergies.

※Events for the new academic year scheduled for March 30 − April 10 will be held after April 13 for both new and current students. Details will be provided by email to new students and on the student portal site Loyola to current students.

※In the event further changes are made to the schedule, information will be posted on the university website and Loyola.

  • Regarding the Entrance Ceremony:
    Office of General Affairs, Bureau of General Affairs      Phone 03-3238-3172
  • Regarding events for the new academic year:
    Center for Academic Affairs, Bureau of Academic Affairs      Phone 03-3238-3515
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