Social Engagement Program “Estonia Study Tour for Sustainable Development and Education” was held virtually in autumn semester 2021

Online meeting with students of Tallinn University
Online meeting with students of Tallinn University

Setting the main theme as “Building a sustainable society”, this program aims to realize each student’s own way towards sustainable society through deepening discussion and exchange on environmental conservation, social development, economic development, and human development (education) in Estonia and other Baltic countries as well as Japan.
In the previous years, students participated in this program by visiting Estonia and other Baltic countries during Spring or Summer Breaks. In 2021, due to the pandemic, the program was organized online for the first time, and 6 students participated during the autumn semester in the online educational program at the Tallinn University, located in the capital city of Estonia.

 the snowy landscape of Estonia
They showed the snowy landscape of Estonia!

This time, students not only attended lectures, but also conducted a questionnaire survey about the university’s initiatives and management staff’s awareness and commitment to SDGs. Then they compared two universities, analyzing the results of the survey. Every week students had online meeting with students from Tallinn University, keeping in touch on a daily basis. In addition, they made progress reports and debated online, so participants managed to communicate closely and conduct the survey together.

As a final report of this program, students created their final report as a below website. The website is being undated occasionally, but please take a look at it as it provides a very good overview of the students’ efforts and the contents of the program.

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