Ms. Yurie Matsumura Haag of Sophia Luxembourg Office honored by Embassy of Japan in Luxembourg

Ambassador Shigeji Suzuki and Ms. Yurie Matusmura Haag

On May 2, Japan Ambassador to Luxembourg Shigeji Suzuki honored Ms. Yurie Matumura Haag of Sophia Luxembourg Office among four others who are professionals in the field of education. They were recognized for making perpetual contribution in teaching of Japanese language, developing friendly relation between Japan and Luxembourg and promotion of Japanese culture.

Ms. Matsumura’s work at Sophia Luxembourg includes PR related affairs as in student fairs and other ceremonies as well as providing care for Sophia students studying abroad in surrounding areas and at University of Luxembourg. Also her work was highly valued in tourism serving as a government approved guide and translator, promoting ties in higher education of Japan and Luxembourg as well as assisting Embassy of Japan in Luxembourg in promotion of Japanese culture.

Other than the office in Luxembourg, Sophia University overseas offices are located in New York, Los Angeles, Koln (Germany) Cairo (Egypt), Siem Reap(Cambodia), Bangkok (Thailand), Beijing and Shanghai. Our “ASEAN Hub Center” was renewed and now operating as “Sophia Global Education and Discovery Co., Ltd.” a private company providing educational related services.

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