Sophia-Arrupe International Residence to launch educational program partnering with Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support

On April 9, Sophia-Arrupe International Residence Educational Program partnering with Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support Co., Ltd. (DTVS) was held for the first time and more than 60 students participated. The program is created and offered for all Arrupe residents to nurture their vision and skills in designing own future while working with and for others.

In an opening address introducing the aim of the program, Yasuyuki Kurihara, Deputy Director of Center for Student Affairs expressed that “Sophia University focuses in fostering altruistic leaderships. Any paths you may choose to advance in your future I wish all of you will sustain the principle to work for good of others. With our hope for you to learn such a principle this program was created.”

The lecture “The tips required for us to live from now” and the workshop “Introducing Your Future Self” was given by Hiroaki Toda, a member of DTVS aiming to build foundations for altruistic leaderships with profound insights.

Participating students commented: “I was inspired by other students who own clear vision of the future” “To be exposed individuals with different opinions was inspiring and also to hear what others anticipate in their futures were interesting.” “The program made me realize my aim for the future was very vague.”

Since the program was supported for English speakers, international students who participated made a remark that “I was happy to be able to join the program and very much looking forward for the next round.” And four student assistants supported the program enhanced exchanges by students.

Toda commented, “I believe the student residence is where students nurture true friendships. While individuals make challenges for various aims, students are likely to encounter lifelong friends to give and receive support for each other. I sincerely hope and will try my best making this program to contribute in those factors as well.”

The lecture and the discussion for this program take place once a month for each. We look forward how participating students will be influenced by the program.

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