SUP上智大学出版より『Sustainable Societies in a Fragile World. Perspectives from Germany and Japan 』が刊行(ホメリヒ カローラ・木村正人 共編)



ホメリヒ カローラ(上智大学総合人間科学部社会学科教授)、木村正人(東洋大学社会学部社会学科教授)【共編】

Focusing on Germany and Japan, two of the world’s largest economies, this volume presents a collection of case studies and survey research which tackle questions of sustainability within three core areas:
1. Transition to an environmentally friendly society (waste management, sustainability education, and environmental attitudes);
2. Sustainable and resilient regional and urban development (disaster resilience and smart cities);
3. Inclusive societies (homelessness under COVID-19, cyberbullying, and democratic values).
The book brings together experts from sociology, education, psychology, and urban engineering, with most of the research being interdisciplinary and comparative in nature, documenting the challenging journey towards a sustainable future.

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Carola Hommerich, Professor, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Human Sciences, Sophia University.
Masato Kimura, Professor, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Sociology, Toyo University.


上智大学 Sophia University