Notice of Live Streaming and Entrance Restrictions regarding Pope Francis’ Visit on November 26

As already covered in the news, Sophia University has been granted the honor of welcoming His Holiness Pope Francis, on Tuesday, November 26, 2019. We will receive a message addressed to students, faculty and staff of Sophia University.

The following measures will be taken for this event. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Live streaming of this event

This event will be streamed live on Sophia University’s YouTube Channel at the following link:

The live streaming begins at 9:45am JST on November 26, 2019.

Entrance restrictions

All of Yotsuya campus gates entry will be strictly limited on Tuesday, November 26 due to this event. All classes in 1st period will be cancelled and 2nd period classes in Yotsuya campus will start at 11:10 am. Please also note that entering Yotsuya Campus will be limited or regulated until 11:00 am for security reasons.

For details, please refer to Loyola (for students) and Sophia bulletin board (for faculty and staff).

  1. Main Gate
    ID check will be held for entry until 11:00 am. Student ID card, Faculty Staff ID card, or permission letter issued by Sophia School Corporation is required for entry. After 11:00 am, no ID check will be required as usual.
  2. All gates and door s listed below will be closed until 11:00 am.
    ・East, North, and South Gate
    ・B1F Service Yard of BLDG-No.11
    ・B1F and B3F of Kioi Building
    ・Kojimachi Dori Entrance of BLDG-No.6

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