“Gold, Ruby, Silver, and Bronze Celebration Ceremony” was held

On Sunday, February 25, the “Gold, Ruby, Silver, and Bronze Celebration Ceremony for 2022” hosted by Sophia University was held at Yotsuya Campus.

The “Gold, Ruby, Silver, and Bronze Celebration Ceremony” is held as an opportunity for Sophia University to congratulate our alumni in person celebrating 50 years (Gold ), 40 years (Ruby), 25 years (Silver), and 15 years (Bronze) since their graduation from Sophia University.

Last year, the event was held in the midst of the impact of the Corona crisis, as two year events had to be combined in a single event following repeated postponements. This year, while taking thorough precautions measures against infection, the event was held in person, as in the previous year, without a banquet (reception with food and drink), but with an opportunity to talk with friends in the hope that they can share memories with one another, as much as possible.

President Terumichi delivers his ceremonial address

The ceremony began with a speech by Sophia University President Yoshiaki Terumichi, followed by the presentation of a bouquet of flowers and a congratulatory letter written in Latin to each of the representatives of the celebrants. After the congratulatory speeches by Chancellor Tsutomu Sakuma and President Masao Torii of Sophia Alumni Association, each representative gave an acknowledgment speech, in which they talked about their memories from their time at Sophia University, their feelings toward their alma mater, their classmates, and their mentors, and how their lives progressed after graduation. The event was held in a cordial manner from start to finish, with the audience gently responding with their nods and occasional bursts of laughter upon hearing the remarks made by the representatives.

The ceremony closed with a celebratory performance by the Sophia University Cheering Troupe. When the cheering troupe delivered a cheer to the attending graduates, huge applause and happy smiles filled the crowd, bringing the ceremony to a close in a festive atmosphere. 

Mr. Takashi Tomita, representative of the Gold Celebrant
Ms. Yukiko Hirano, representative of the Ruby Celebrant

On the day of the event, more than 1,000 graduates, double the number of last year, visited their alma mater for the first time in many years: 343 for the Gold Celebration (1972 graduates), 346 for the Ruby Celebration (1982 graduates), 270 for the Silver Celebration (1997 graduates), and 110 for the Bronze Celebration (2007 graduates).

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