Winning of Prizes at IAJU and AJCU-AP Video Competitions in Commemoration of the Ignatian Year

In commemoration of the Ignatian Year (May 20, 2021 to July 31, 2022), International Association of Jesuit Universities (IAJU) and Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities -Asia Pacific (AJCU-AP) respectively held a short video competition for students from their member universities. In the IAJU video competition “Four Dreams Contest”, Ms. Nanami Uchiyama from the Department of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Liberal Arts (graduated in 2022), received a Special Selection Award for a work titled “The missionary heart in Japan”, depicting her experiences of becoming a Catholic and heading off on a pilgrimage. On the other hand, in the AJCU-AP video competition “Theme: Covid-19 pandemic as a cannonball moment,” Ms. TANA, a third-year doctoral student in the Global Environmental Studies Program at the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, described her university life under the Covid-19 crisis in Japan as an international student. She won the Second Prize for her work “Tana”.
Congratulations to both students!
Their works and other winning works can be checked from the link below.

◆IAJU Video Competition “Four Dreams Contest”
≪Special Selection≫
Title of work: “The missionary heart in Japan”
Ms. Nanami Uchiyama
Faculty of Liberal Arts, Department of Liberal Arts (graduated in 2022)

◆AJCU-AP Video Competition “Theme: Covid-19 pandemic as a cannonball moment”
≪Second Winner≫
Title of work: “Tana”
The 3rd year Doctoral Student, Graduate Program in Global Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies

Sophia University

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