Introducing New Five Year Program Partnering with the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva

On November 29, 2018, Sophia University and The Graduate Institute of International Development Studies (The Graduate Institute) concluded the agreement relating the new five year program (3+2 Program). This new program enables our students to earn Bachelor’s Degree of Sophia University and Master’s Degree of The Graduate Institute in 5 years.

The Graduate Institute of International Development Studies

Located in the central area of Geneva, The Graduate Institute is renowned worldwide for its numerous alumni exceling in the field of international cooperation and diplomat services. The Graduate Institute offers the wide range of majors such as in International Relations, History, Economics, Humanities, and Development Studies and attracts students from all over the world who are keen on international cooperation as well as international relations and so on since wide variety of internship opportunities are available due to its location where many international organizations and global corporations reside.

With our focus to promote human resources who will contribute in the field of the international cooperation and international relations, along with opening of Human Resources Center for International Cooperation aiming to support students with interests in such fields as well as offering special lectures, Sophia University have also established academic partnerships with the UN as well as concluded agreements on allowing students special admission processes to be admitted to Columbia University, Georgetown University and Fordham University. 3+2 Program will be our first attempt to enable our students to earn Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in five years partnering with a European educational institution.

About 3+2 Program

Meeting certain criteria and requirements, our students will be able to earn Bachelor’s Degree of Sophia University and Master’s Degrees of The Graduate Institute attending three years in Sophia University and two years in The Graduate Institute. Students will be treated as exchange students in the first year in The Graduate Institute thus earned credits from there will be counted toward the graduation requirement of Sophia University. The Graduate Institute will also count credits from the first year there toward completion of Master’s Program in two years. As for the tuition, the first year there, students will be responsible to cover Sophia University tuition and for the second year, students will be eligible to apply for financial aid of The Graduate Institute.


Sophia University third year students from all faculties (Studies in related areas may be required for the certain programs.)

Eligible Programs

Interdisciplinary Masters
1) International Affairs
2) Development Studies

Disciplinary Masters
3) Anthropology and Sociology
4) International Law
5) International Economics
6) International History
7) International Relations/Political Science

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