Entry to campus prohibited with the declaration of a state of emergency due to the coronavirus

Taken into the account of the declaration of a state of emergency, the university has decided to prohibit entry to the campus and will change the working arrangements of staff and faculty members from April 8 to May 6. The situation regarding COVID-19 is constantly changing, in the event of any further changes, we will announce them on the university website. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Procedures regarding prohibition of campus entry

From April 8 to May 6, entering the campus will be restricted to authorized personnel only. This period may be extended, if the situation of coronavirus does not improve.

Staff and faculty working arrangements and office hours

In light of the change in staff working arrangements, the opening hours of some offices will change. All offices will be minimally staffed and counter service will be suspended. We ask that you make any inquiries by e-mail, not by telephone. Please note that it may take some time for us to respond to your inquiry.

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