(To Sophia faculty members) Novel Coronavirus Countermeasures: Research and education activities on campus

April 3, 2020
President, Sophia University

To faculty members:

With the increasing spread of the novel coronavirus in the Greater Tokyo Area, the Tokyo Municipal Government has also requested further promotion of teleworking and refraining from going out during the weekend. Given the increasing number of young infected patients and reports of clusters originating in gatherings among university students, we have decided that we need to reduce risk of infection through efforts to limit the number of people on campus to a minimum. Acknowledging the burden that we have placed upon our faculty members with the changes made in the academic schedule, etc., we would like to request your cooperation and understanding regarding the following.

Furthermore, in the event the government requests become even stricter, we will have to take further measures. Please be sure to individually check all notices sent out by the university and updates posted on the bulletin.

1.Working on campus

Please perform from home any tasks or research that can be done remotely and refrain from coming to campus as much as possible. Please make every effort to reduce risk of infection by having online meetings utilizing ZOOM or email.

2. Research activities and guidance on campus

Please refrain from conducting research activities on campus until notified otherwise. In particular, please do not ask students to come on campus for research activities or face-to-face guidance.

When there is an inevitable reason for conducting such activities on campus, research advisors should be sure to avoid the “3Cs” (closed room, close gatherings, close contact) and not allow the participation of students who are not feeling well or have been abroad within fourteen days.

3.Campus facilities

We have already closed facilities that are difficult to ventilate and those that are used for student gatherings, such as the Group Study Room in the Central Library. Please note that research activities in the Graduate School Student Research Room in the Central Library will also be suspended for the time being. Notification to students will be on the website of Library and Loyola bulletin board.

Other facilities that are currently available for use may be closed in the future depending on how they are used or on the status of the spread of the novel coronavirus. Updates will be posted on Sophia Bulletin, etc. and your understanding is requested for potential changes.

Please also keep in mind that teleworking is being promoted in administrative sections; and therefore, staff members may only be available during limited hours or within a limited scope.

Sophia University

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