(Important) Travelling Abroad, Returning Home, Inviting Guests to and from the Countries/Regions with Reported Cases of Novel Coronavirus Infection (Feb. 10th)

February 10th, 2020

Dear Students and Faculty members,

Novel coronavirus, which was first reported from the People’s Republic of China (PRC), has spread to other countries and regions. Several countries have imposed border restrictions as preventive measures against the outbreak, which is expected to continue further. In response to such an emergency our university is taking following measures. Please use caution in preventing infection.

<Traveling to People’s Republic of China>

As of January 31, 2020, Japanese Government raised the infectious disease warning level for PRC to the level 2, advising not to travel unless for a necessary or urgent purpose. The level for Hubei Province is also raised to the level 3, advising not to travel. Since February 1st, Japan has also imposed tighter border restrictions, such as denying entry of foreign nationals who have stayed in Hubei Province.
Considering such recent development, Sophia University is now generally forbidding its students, faculty members and staffs to travel to PRC.

<Suggestions for returning travelers from overseas>

Those who have a recent travel history to Hubei Province, had a contact with someone with the history, and/or had a contact with someone with the symptoms in a country or a region with reported cases, should pay close attention to their health condition during the incubation period about 2 weeks and remain at home unless absolutely necessary. If you have symptoms such as fever and cough, make sure to contact and report your travel history to the nearest Public Health Center (“Hokenjo”) and call Sophia University Health Center (03-3238-3394).

<Inviting faculty members/guest researchers from overseas institutions>

In case of inviting/hosting guests from PRC and other countries with reported cases of the virus please notify those guests in advance of possibilities of cancellations or postponement of the plan. Please make sure to draw their attentions as to followings.

  • Maintaining and closely examine their health condition.
  • In case of having symptoms such as fever and cough make sure to contact and report your travel history to the nearest Public Health Center (“Hokenjo”) and call Sophia University Health Center (03-3238-3394) as well as the hosting section.

<Traveling to overseas during the university break period>

Those who plan to travel overseas are advised to check the latest information of the countries/regions with reported cases as well as the areas nearby. Should it be necessary, they are also advised to consider altering their travel plans while putting their safety as the top priority.

Those students who are participating in study abroad programs organized by the university may be contacted by program coordinators via Loyola and email. Please check them regularly.

<Reporting Infection>

Novel Corona Virus Infection is treated as Class I Infectious Diseases by School Health and Safety Act (“Gakko-Hoken-Anzen-Ho”). Please make sure to report Sophia University Health Center (03-3238-3394) if diagnosed of suspicion or infection of the virus.

As everyday preventive actions please make sure to gargle, hand wash, and rest well.

<Useful resources>
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