Sophia University Africa Week 2018 will take place from Monday, May 14 through Friday, May 25

Of among a variety of events such as symposium, talk events, photo exhibition, “NEW VISIONS OF AFRICA – Africa, Italy and Japan, Tokyo International Conference” will be conducted.

Under the initiative of Japan and Italy, leaders of politics, religions, international society, and civil society exchange ideas on urgent humanitarian issues such as poverty, education, medical care and public health in Africa, and we seek the possibility of collaboration for better future of Africa.

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General Information

    Saturday, May 19th 2018, 9:15am-6:00pm

    Sophia University Yotsuya Campus Auditorium in Bldg. No.10
    -5 minute walk from JR and Tokyo Metro Yotsuya Station
    -No parking space available on campus. Please use the public transport

  • Co-organized by Community of Sant’Egidio, Sophia University, and Rissho Kosei-kai

Speakers and panelists

Session 1 “Italian and Japanese Cooperation for Africa”
  • Yoshiaki Terumichi
    President of Sophia University
  • Kosho Niwano
    President-designate of Rissho Kosei-kai
  • Alberto Quattrucci
    Secretary General of P&R, Community of Sant’Egidio
  • Miki Sugimura
    Vice President for Global Academic Affairs, Sophia University
  • Giorgio Starace
    Ambassador of Italy to Japan
  • Massimo Gaiani
    Director General for Global Affairs (MFA), Italy
  • Hiroshi Kato
    Senior Vice President of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan
Session 2 “Politics, Religions and Civil Society: Together for Africa”
  • Mbuli Charles Boliko
    Director Food and Agriculture -Organization of the United Nations, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Katherine Marshall
    Director of the Georgetown’s World Faiths Development Dialogue, USA
  • Hiroshi Taniyama
    President of Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC)
  • Samia Nkrumah,
    MP,Chairperson of the Convention People’s Party, Ghana
Session 3 “Voice of Africa”
  • Isao Yama Kikuchi
    SVD, Catholic Archbishop of Tokyo, Japan
  • John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan
    Cardinal, Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, Nigeria
  • Pacem Karongua
    Activist of the Community of Sant’Egidio, Malawi
  • Nobuhiro Nemoto
    Rissho Kosei-kai
■Session 4 “What can we do for Africa?”
  • Ichiro Aisawa
    President of Japan-Africa Friendship Parliamentarian Association, Japan
  • Gianni Guidotti
    Coordinator of African actions, Community of Sant’Egidio, Italy
  • Masaki Inaba
    Director of Global Health Programme, Africa Japan Forum
  • John Joseph Puthenkalam, S.J.
    Trustee, Global Academic Affairs and Professor of Sophia University, Japan
  • Yoshinori Shinohara
    Director of Peace Department, WCRP Japan, Rissho Kosei-kai
  • Masaya Kobayashi
    Professor, Graduate School of Chiba University
Presentation of “New Visions of Africa”
  • Tsutomu Sakuma,S.J.
    Chancellor of Sophia School Corporation
  • Takeshi Kawabata
    Chairperson of Rissho Kosei-kai
  • Alberto Quattrucci
    Community of Sant’Egidio

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