理事長メッセージ Message from the Chancellor

Remembering our Roots and staying Optimistic


上智学院理事長 アガスティン サリ
Sali Augustine, S.J.
Chancellor of Sophia School Corporation

Let me wish all Sophians, our benefactors and well-wishers the 110th anniversary greetings of our foundation! Please feel proud of our history and mission for these years with gratitude to those pioneers and all our seniors. We decided this year that instead of having big ceremonies, we carry on with various intentional academic and social activities to commemorate the year. We have a logo created by one of our students that symbolizes our history and present appearance. It is important to keep in mind that we should remember our roots that help us to be optimistic in our future endeavors.




I remember on a video conference on December 18, 2017 where Sophia students, faculty members and staffs gathered for a special event “Let’s Speak to Pope Francis”. Many students were able to ask questions to Pope Francis (who himself is a Jesuit) in person. One of them (Reina Saito) from the Faculty of Science and Technology asked the pope, what are the Pope’s hopes and concerns for youth today. The answer came quickly: “Young people should not be too comfortable in staying still. Stay active, respect your roots, stay optimistic and make challenges, these are my hopes.” He continued to say with some caution that there is a tendency to neglect the histories and roots: “Your roots include your culture, history, family and humanity. Please watch Kurosawa movie ‘Rhapsody in August’. It is a good movie featuring dialogues between a youngster and an elderly person reflecting upon their roots. Remember that if no roots then there is nothing to support identities. Communicate with elderly since you will most likely find them to have roots.”




Remembering the 110th anniversary of our foundation is an opportunity to reconfirm our roots, our identity and our spirit. Knowing that we are well-rooted may lead us to act confidently and stay optimistic. I take this opportunity to thank all our benefactors and collaborators including our graduates for all your support and encouragement. I appreciate all our staff and faculty for your relentless effort to make today’s Sophia.



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