SCHLEGL, Matthias

シュレーグル マティアス

Associate Professor (Department of Economics)
B.A. (Economics), University of Munich
M.A. (Economics), University of Munich
Ph.D. (Economics) University of Munich

Email: m-schlegl-4t5(at)

Message to Prospective Students

Your years of study will be an exciting and challenging time of personal and professional development. Sophia University, with its liberal arts tradition and international atmosphere, provides you with a supportive and inspiring environment to foster your academic skills, broaden your horizon and pursue your ambitions. Approach your studies with an open mind and I’m sure you will make precious new friends and memories. I’m looking forward to welcoming you at Sophia University.

Research Interests and Teaching Areas

Money / Finance, Macroeconomic Theory, Economic Policy

Selected Works

  • “Wealth Preference and Rational Bubbles”, European Economic Review, 2023, Vol. 156 (joint with Jean-Baptiste Michau and Yoshiyasu Ono)
  • “Structural unemployment, underemployment, and secular stagnation”, Journal of Economic Theory, 2023, Vol. 209 (joint with Ken-ichi Hashimoto and Yoshiyasu Ono)
  • “Credit Booms, Debt Overhand, and Secular Stagnation”, European Economic Review, 2018, Vol. 108 (C), pp. 78-104 (joint with Gerhard Illing and Yoshiyasu Ono)
  • “Three essays on sovereign debt and stagnation economics”, Dissertation, 2018, University of Munich

Personal Works

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