KURATA, Masamitsu

倉田 正充

Associate Professor (Department of Economics)
B.A. (Agronomy), M.A. (Agronomy),
Ph.D. (Agronomy), The University of Tokyo

Email: kurata(at)sophia.ac.jp

Message to Prospective Students

I hope you will enjoy the multicultural environment at Sophia University.

Research Interests and Teaching Areas

Economic History, Development Economics, Agricultural Economics

Selected Works

  • Kurata, M., Takahashi, K., & Hibiki, A. (2020). Gender differences in associations of household and ambient air pollution with child health: Evidence from household and satellite-based data in Bangladesh. World Development, 128, 104779.
  • Kurata, M., Matsui, N., Ikemoto, Y., & Tsuboi, H. (2018). Do determinants of adopting solar home systems differ between households and micro-enterprises? Evidence from rural Bangladesh. Renewable Energy, 129, 309-316.

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