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University life can be exciting, but it can also generate academic, emotional, and social concerns. Most of you may experience these, and it is common to feel overwhelmed or to have difficulty in dealing with stress. At times these concerns can make it difficult for some of you to function as well as you normally do. We consider it to be a sign of strength to recognize when you may need help. It is also the first step in solving any difficulty.
The Counseling Center offers a safe and confidential setting where you can look at yourself and your environment and explore your options with a counselor. Through this process you will be better able to deal with your concerns, make better decisions for yourself, and make the most of your time at Sophia University.

Individual and Group Counseling

Counseling services are available in both English and in Japanese. We provide assistance in dealing with concerns which include stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, adjustment challenges, relationship difficulties, identity issues, managing an existing mental health condition, academic performance, career options, etc.
When you wish to receive our services, please make an initial appointment either in person or by phone, and notify us when canceling an appointment. Each counseling session is 45-minute long, and confidentiality is strictly maintained. All services are free of charge.

International Students and Students with Diverse Backgrounds

As an international student and/or as a student with diverse background, you bring unique and valuable experience with you to Sophia University. Your diverse background (family background, nationality, race and ethnicity, where you were born and raised, where you were educated, etc.) will enhance the student body and Sophia University. It is important to note, however, that you may go through some unique stressors during your time at Sophia University. In addition to what a college student generally experiences, you may experience some cultural differences and have difficulty adjusting. You may also experience homesickness and difficulty getting along with others. You may also have a pre-existing mental health condition or issues that you’ve been working on. These stressors may sometimes make you feel anxious, depressed, and socially isolated. Although a certain level of stress is expected, you need to be able to recognize when you may need help.
Seeking help outside your family and discussing your personal issues with a counselor may not be acceptable in some cultures. It may also mean that you have a serious problem in some countries. It does not, however, mean the same at Sophia University. We consider it to be a strength and one of the ways to take care of yourself.
A number of international students and students with diverse backgrounds as well as Japanese students come to the Counseling Center and seek counseling.
Some of the concerns discussed in counseling sessions include, but are not limited to, cultural adjustment, homesickness, managing daily life, academic performance: relationship issues such as long distance relationships and making friends, family issues: emotional issues such as depression and anxiety.
Counselors are sensitive to multicultural issues. Counseling is confidential, and it is free.

International Student Group

We offer an International Student Group each semester. It is intended to provide international students with information and a safe place to share their experiences and to support one another.
Details will be on Loyola, Sophia University Portal.

Office Location and Hours

Office Location and Hours:
Counseling Center
Room 303, Building 10
Yotsuya Campus
Mondays-Fridays 9:30-11:30am, 1:00-4:30pm
Phone: 03-3238-3559

In Case of Emergency the following resource may be used:
Tokyo English Life Line (TELL)
Phone: 03-5774-0992 (9am-11pm)