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Student Consultation Services

Student Consultation Services

Different consultation sevices are available within the university for all students.

Class Adviser System

A class adviser is appointed for each department, class and seminar unit. Students can turn to these advisers for guidance and advice on a diverse range of subjects related to courses, their own studies, personal economic issues such as obtaining scholarships, and the assorted problems that crop up in student life.

Health Center

Located in Hoffmann Hall, the Health Center offers physical and mental health consultation, health and nutrition guidance, and emergency treatment for injuries and sudden illnesses.  Moreover, the center periodically conducts medical examinations on all students and sports group participants, and, when necessary, makes referrals to specialist medical organizations.

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Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is a place where students can talk to or seek advice from professional counselors about their concerns or the problems that trouble them during their daily life. The center is designed in such a way as to ensure confidentiality. In addition to personal consultation, group counseling sessions are also held. English counseling available.

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Volunteer Bureau

Accessible to students via the Center Student Affairs, the Volunteer Bureau provides information on volunteer recruitment, facilities, etc., and also holds periodic lectures and seminars.

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Consultation to quit smoking

The university has started the activities aiming for a smoking free environment from 2018.
Please take a look at the pamphlet about good side of non-smoking and stories of people who was successful in quitting smoking.
Health Center also provides consultation to stop smoking and introduction to the smoking cessation medical service.

Policy Information: "Notification Regarding Smoking on Campus"(51.46 KB)

Pamphlet: "Let’s Think about a Tobacco Free Society!"(376.33 KB)