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For inquiries about Sophia dormitories (Edagawa Men's Dormitory, Soshigaya International House, Arrupe International Residence), please contact us as below.

For inquiries about Sophia dormitories (Edagawa Men's Dormitory, Soshigaya International House, Arrupe International Residence), please contact us as below.
Coordinators of Sophia Dormitories, Center for Student Affairs, Sophia University
10:00-11:30, 12:30-15:30 from Monday to Friday (Class day)
12:30-15:30 from Monday to Friday (Non-class day)
※Closed on national holidays or during university designated summer/winter break or holidays.

Counter: @Center for Student Affairs, 1F, Building 2, Yotsuya Campus
TEL: 03-3238-4621

For inquiries about arrangement of visits or facilities of Sophia dormitories, please contact the dormitory offices directly.
Arrupe International Residence:TEL: 03-3351-1028; E-mail:
Soshigaya International House:03-5384-1201; Email:
Edagawa Men's Dormitory:03-3615-8918; Email:

How about starting a dormitory life with various educational opportunities?

Starting a new student life in a totally unknown city might be interesting but sometimes it also brings difficulty and worries to students and their family members.
This page provides information about different types of dormitory where managers and staffs can help students with various matters in daily life. Furthermore, Sophia Campus Support Co.,Ltd. also provides information about real estate companies with housing related service for college students.

Sophia Dormitories

The below three dormitories are owned and directly managed by Sophia University. There are managers and staffs helping students with their new life. Students have several options such as dormitory that provides various opportunities and facilities promoting international exchanges or the dormitory that ensuring private life in single room. Sophia dormitories are not providing daily meal service.
-Soshigaya International House (Male/Female)
-Arrupe International Residence (Male/Female)
-Edagawa Men's Dormitory (Male)
Please confirm the features of each dormitory carefully before applying.
Applicant to Sophia dormitories must agree with the condition that residents are not allowed to smoke inside the dorm. There is no smoking room. The wards where Sophia dormitories locate prohibit smoking in the public areas.

Designated/Recommended dormitories

There are 3 designated dormitories as follows:
-Sophia Higashi Nakano Dormitory (Female) and Sophia Kasai International House (Female) managed by Kyoritsu Maintenance Com., Ltd.
-Student Hall "Luxlass" (Male & Female) managed by J.S.B. Network Co., Ltd.
Lestonnac Izumikan is a recommended dormitory managed by the members of Sisters of the Company of Mary, Our Lady, a Catholic organization.
There are dormitories having managers staying in side the dorm or mother who provides meals. In some dormitories, Resident Assistant (or House Assistant) is appointed to assist with dormitory life.

Other Housing Options/Guarantor System

Sophia Campus Support (SCS) Co.,Ltd., a company owned by Sophia School Corporation, provides information about rental apartments for college students managed by private real estate companies.
Information regarding housing guarantor system is introduced for international students.