Sophia University

About Consultants



Please call the Consultant in advance to make an appointment for consulting.

Name / Telephone

Tsukamoto f
03-3950-6050 (Mejiro Seibo Campus)
03-3238-4652 (Yotsuya Campus)
Faculty of Human Sciences (also hold the post of Graduate School of Practical Studies of Religion)

Chikushi m 03-3238-4322
Faculty of Law

*Morishita f 0463-83-9343
Faculty, Sophia University Junior College Division

Yamamoto f 03-3238-4645
Faculty, Sophia School of Social Welfare

*Eguchi f 03-3238-3521
Office of Global Education and Collaboration

Nakamura f 03-3238-3581
Career Center

Takano f 03-3950-6162
Office of Mejiro Seibo Campus

* English may be spoken for consulting
f : female Consultant, m : male Consultant
The term of the Consultants extends to March 31, 2020.