Sophia Magazine vol.1 / SUMMER 2015

5 Continues to Expand On March 6, 2015, Sophia University signed a comprehensive educational cooperation agreement with the UNESCO Asia-Pacic Regional Bureau for Education and the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization - Regional Centre for Higher Education and Development (SEAMEO-RIHED), both of which have their ofces in Bangkok, Thailand. The agreement strengthens Sophia’s network of learning in Southeast Asia as it promotes scientic and research exchange in the region. Specic initiatives include joint research in higher education and other elds, exchange among projects and person-nel, internships for Sophia’s undergraduate students in higher grades and graduate students, and symposiums and seminars. In particular, internship programs provide a wide range of learning opportunities such as obtaining a deeper understanding of vari-ous organizations’ missions and operations, ability development in elds of expertise, and understanding culture and society in the region. The UNESCO Asia-Pacic Regional Bureau for Education gives advice on education policy and supports capacity development in UNESCO member countries in the Asian and Pacic region. SEAMEO-RIHED is responsible for enhancing the efciency and effectiveness of higher education in Southeast Asia. It is also carrying out the AIMS program, which promotes exchange be-tween Japanese students and their counterparts in the region. So-phia also has joined this program and launched its own program named SAIMS with seven universities in four Southeast Asian countries.Sophia University Concludes an Educational CooperationAgreement with TwoInternational Organizations- March 6, 2015 On January 7, 2015, Sophia University concluded an agreement with the External Representation Ofce for Asia of the African Development Bank (AfDB) concerning educational cooperation. The AfDB facilitates economic and social development in its member countries by promoting infrastructure investment and technical cooperation for government and encouraging private enterprise investment. In 2012, it opened an external representa-tion ofce, the rst outside Africa, in Tokyo. The agreement is the rst of its kind with a Japanese educational institution. Based on the agreement, Sophia opens courses in international cooperation and development in Africa in cooperation with the AfDB, cooperates in hosting seminars and symposiums, and implements internship programs for its students. In the spring semester of 2015, with the cooperation of the Asian ofce and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Sophia worked with Toyota Tsusho Corp, which actively develops business in Africa, to give a series of lectures entitled “Business and Devel-opment Projects in Africa”. Viewing Africa as a strategic area to promote global business development, Sophia University established the new Faculty of Global Studies, including African studies, and signed agree-ments with three educational institutions: the Catholic Univer-sity of Central Africa in Cameroon, Stellenbosch University in South Africa, and the Center for Research and Action for Peace in Ivory Coast. Sophia aims to continue to strengthen educational and research exchanges with the region.Sophia University Enters intoan Agreement with the AfricanDevelopment Bank’s ExternalRepresentation Ofce for Asia- January 7, 2015Sophia President Takashi Hayashita (left) and Masayuki Tamagawa, head of the AfDB Asia Ofce.Sophia signs cooperation agreement with SEAMEO RIHED.

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