Sophia Magazine vol.1 / SUMMER 2015

25from “U.S.A ” to“SOPHIA”from “CAMEROON” to“SOPHIA”➣ MAJOR: International Relations➣ PERIOD OF STUDY AT SOPHIA: Spring semester, 2015Benjamin Batarseh➣ UNIVERSITY: Georgetown University➣ DEPARTMENT: School of Foreign Service➣ YEAR: Junior’m considering working with the U.S. Foreign Ser-vice and my main regional interests are the Middle East and East Asia.In high school my interest in Japan had more to do with culture than anything, but I dis-covered in college that there are many professional op-portunities. I gured if I want to get a feel for Japan, then Tokyo is a great place to start. I really enjoy the at-mosphere. The scenery is beautiful, and the people are polite and friendly. My most interesting class has been Regional Security in Northeast Asia. The professor is great at looking at complex issues from multiple angles. I’m also taking courses on Southeast Asian politics, re-ligion, and economics, and they have all deepened my understanding of Asia, Japan, and even my home coun-try.What is most notable about Sophia University is the cosmopolitan professors. At home, most courses are nat-urally taught from American perspectives. At Sophia, professors teach from a Japanese and regional perspec-tive, but at the same time, make connections to the rest of the world. The student body at Sophia is remarkably diverse. My home university is quite diverse, but I don’t think I’ve experienced anything on the level of Sophia.ISophia University and Georgetown University have been interacting with each other as universities founded by the Society of Jesus, for many years since 1935 when we sent some students to Georgetown University for the rst time. BACKGROUNDStephanieNoubiwo Tchawo➣ UNIVERSITY: Catholic University of Central Africa(UCAC)➣ DEPARTMENT: Business➣ YEAR: Sophomore➣ MAJOR: Economics and Management➣ PERIOD OF STUDY AT SOPHIA: Spring semester, 2015would like to work as a business manager in the nance industry where my interests range from banking to interna-tional trade. After nishing my studies at Sophia University, I plan to earn a Master’s degree at NEOMA Business School in France. I didn’t have any experience of Japan before coming here, so I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to study at Sophia. I’m bilingual in English and French and didn’t know any Japanese before arriving, but now I’m enjoying picking up a bit of the language. My favorite class is Operations Manage-ment because the teacher is just so amazing. He does everything humanly possible to help the students to understand the material deeply. And I feel that the practicality of all my courses is a good t with the kind of work I want to do in my career when I return to Africa. Students aren’t allowed to have jobs in Cameroon, so one benet of life at Sophia is that we can have part-time jobs if we want to. This not only gives us valuable experience for our résumés, but also helps give us some nancial independence from our parents when we’re just starting out.Iaspire to be a project manager in the de-velopment sector. My special interest is management of the environment for a sustain-able development of my country and Africa. After Sophia I’ll return to UCAC to nish my train-ing. My connection to Japan started in high school. My father did a training program in Tokyo, which changed his life and even the lives of his children. He was deter-mined that we study Japanese at Japan House, which had just opened in Yaoundé. Later, when I attended the So-phia presentation conference session at university, I think the representatives were surprised to hear me speak Japanese! At Sophia my favorite class is Integrative Environmental Policies. More because of the teacher and also because it’s a challeng-ing class. The teacher took us to Miyagi prefecture to see local principles in action and it really helped our understanding. I hope that my academic internship and my living experience here in Japan will give me the practical skills and experience to thrive and survive anywhere in the world. I’m really grateful for the openness and kindness of my schoolmates. They put me at ease from my rst day. And I love the safety of Japan. I once forgot my purse on a train platform and it was still there two hours later when I went back.IThe rst students accepted from the Catholic Univer-sity of Central Africa under an academic exchange agreement made in December 2013. Sophia Univer-sity is the rst educational institution in Asia with which UCAC entered into a student exchange agreement.BACKGROUNDYvette NyangonoMinko➣ UNIVERSITY: Catholic University of Central Africa(UCAC)➣ DEPARTMENT: Social Sciences and Management➣ YEAR: Final year of Master’s program➣ MAJOR: Development and Project Management in Africa➣ PERIOD OF STUDY AT SOPHIA: Spring semester, 2015.from “CAMEROON” to“SOPHIA”Voice

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